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I made a batch of movie based screensavers a long time ago. I was going to put them all up here, but some of them don't work right on new machines. The ones below should work fine though. So once the upgrade is done on the site, I'm going to make some new ones. In the meantime, if you're looking for cool screensavers, here are some cool links:

Zoomquilt Screensaver absolutely the coolest thing I've seen in years!!! Get this and worship it as I do! I need to learn how to make one!
Themeworld a great place for screensavers and desktop themes!
Most Popular screensavers list from
[if you're not running xp, you need Johnny Castaway today!]

Screensaver for the movie Cube!!
Creed's Cube Screensaver!

I made this quite a long time ago, just after I saw Cube for the first time. It uses pictures and sounds from the movie in a way that I think fits the movie perfectly. The installer is really old though, it even has an old address for the site. After it installs the screensaver file, you have to rename it for it to work. Just go into your windows directory or do a search . Find the file named [CUBESC~1.SCR] and rename it to [cubescreensaver.scr]. Then it'll appear on the usual list with your other screensavers. In the settings, you can turn sound on and off or set password protection. This is my best screensaver creation so far, if you like Cube, you'll love this! Click on the picture to download the file.
[Click here for Cube's Entry in the movie section]

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